Who we are

Isabelle de Boves is the president of the association and an airline pilot flying for Air France. She initiated the project.
Christine Brassart is the vice-president and correspondent for the association in Mexico City, where she has been living for more than 25 years.
She works in cyber-marketing.
Cecile Kremnicky is the secretary of the association. She is a jurist and a musician. She facilitates the development of La Banda’s numerous projects to aid the children of the local community.
After a career as an accountant, Michel Ryckeboer is the managing director of Chedeville Lelandais. He has always been strongly involved in associative life.
Father José is the priest of the Colonia de Vicente Guerrero. He has been overseeing and driving the project from the start, so as to help the children escape violence and trafficking of every kind.
Margarita Barrientos Rivera is a viola player and she teaches the viola and the violin. She was a member of the Chamber Orchestra of the Navy Secretariat of Mexico City and of the Boca del Río Philharmonic.
Songwriter, manager and committed cultural actor, Bertrand Darribehaude is a communication expert. He helps and advises the association in its communication and the creation of its supports.

…and there are plenty of other people who remain nameless but help us all in any way they can.